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Ever since I originally began blogging with my wonderful partner Dahlia Eilde (Hayden Palmira) a bit over a year and a half ago, there were two terms that never quite sat comfortably with me. The terms ‘fashionista’ and ‘fashionisto’ seemed to always bypass the ‘fashion’ and head directly under my skin. Why must they be separate? Why must we have a term to specify sex in such a field as fashion? Granted though I do not take pleasure in seeing a man in a mini-skirt, we can all agree that fashion sense, good or bad, is present in every single one of us. It was with this realization that Fashism was born. It is a system of authoritarianism in which the only authority are the clothes on your back, and the only thing to hate is hate itself… and bling. Alas, I come to share this movement of united fashion with you all.


This outfit was, obviously, inspired by the ever-so-punny (zing!) name of this here very blog. If you’re having any difficulty understanding the correlation, I think perhaps you are meant to either go back to middle school, or apply for a position with Linden Labs.

Moving forward! The M43 Field Cap is a particularly impressive re-creation of the World War II era German field cap of the same name, and certainly my favourite piece of this outfit. The textures are clean and precise, and it manages to attain a level of authenticity without including the hurtful and rightfully taboo insignia’s of the Nazi-era German military. Trailing close behind is the Stielhandgranaten Belt (try saying that five times fast), beautifully designed by Tonktastic. The detail in the belt is truly something to see, a must have for any militant follower of Fashism.

The Garments of Fashism

All in all, this was an outfit that I was happy enough with to allow it permanent residence on the face of the blog, and to declare it my official garb of the Fashist movement.

Long live Fashism!

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